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Gary Wheeler – Guitarist

Gary is a seasoned guitarist with a passion for progressive rock. As a fifth generation musician with over 50 years of experience, he has honed his skills alongside countless talented artists at renowned studios like House of Blues, 3 Alarm, and 315 Beale in Memphis, Tennessee.

His musical journey began with a gifted toy guitar from a family friend—a small gesture that ignited a lifelong passion.  In his youth, Gary meticulously learning the first song on his father’s “Chet Atkins Plays Alone” album and was hooked.  He set to exploring the works of other incredible artists like Chick Corea, Al Dimeola and Stanley Clarke, who inspired him throughout his life.

Gary’s initial aspirations as a guitarist were delayed when he auditioned his high school jazz band who needed a bassist, not another guitarist.  Nonplussed, he embraced the opportunity and immersed himself in the world of bass, learning to read bass clef and everything about the bass and later other instruments.  He played flute in concert band and saxophone in the marching band, enjoying the versatility and diversity of musical expression. That joy permeates his musical creations even now.

Gary is currently working on his newest album, “The Curtain”, pouring his heart and soul into its creation. He is excited to be regularly releasing singles from this album. You can easily find his work by searching for “Gary Wheeler” on your favorite streaming service to hear the results of his musical passions beyond Still Collins USA.