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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get Still Collins USA to perform at my event?

Because of the size of our band and that our members are dispersed across America, we have certain criteria that must be met. Although everything is negotiable, here are some of the guidelines we follow:

We will typically only perform indoors in controlled environments.

We normally book only one gig per calendar month and the price for us to take stage begins at $20,000. Back-to-back shows are possible with the second show being slightly discounted.

Our focus is on supporting charities in local communities, so those efforts will always be our priority.

How may I get backstage and meet the band?

We typically make ourselves available to event attendees and fans immediately after each show, but we also normally have VIP options for more private and quaint interactions. The VIP access varies per event and is more a function of what best serves the local charity groups that we are supporting.